Avoid Defaulting on Your Student Loans

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood" (Marie Curie- Nobel Prize winner in Physics & Chemistry)

Going from being a teenager to a young adult can be a challenging time. Attending college, renting an apartment, getting a job, paying bills - it's all a lot to take in, and can cause much stress, anxiety, and confusion. So, don't go at it alone. Just Do It Afraid, a mentorship program, is designed to teach you and/or a young adult you know how to navigate each basic life skill needed to succeed in the adult world!  Take a moment to listen to our audio message to learn more about Just Do It Afraid.

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 Courses Offered in Just Do It Afraid  

Don't know a lease agreement from a rental application? Need to learn the different ways to pay for rent? Curious to learn what a "credit check" actually is? Our course on Renting Your First Apartment was designed just for you.

These easy-to-understand video lessons will take you through all of the basics. From apartment searching, to touring, qualifiying for (and signing) a lease, to dealing with roommates, landlords, and neighbors.

You can eat sugary cereal for breakfast every day as an adult - but you shouldn't! Our food & health leassons will help you undertand the basics of nutrition, the importance of good sleep habits, how to save money while shopping for healthy food, and even basic meal preparation tips!

Creating healthy credit & debt habits is critical while transitioning to adulthood. You need to minimize your debt levels, ensure that you understand what credit is - develop healthy spending habits with payment cards.

You will also learn how to read your credit report, the importance of your credit score, as well as understanding the basics of interest, minimum payments, APRs, and more, we cover it all in our instructor-led lessons! 

Starting college is intimidating. So we offer a breakdown of common college terminology, explanation of different types of colleges and accreditations, and on issues like college expenses and safety on college campuses. 

From preparing for college, completing the federal student aid application (FAFSA), repaying of student loans and even getting out of default - we'll help you get a deep understanding of what you should expect!

Understanding how to manage your money and avoid wasteful spending is a critical part of adulthood.

This course wil help you calculate your pay, create a realistic budget, start an emergency fund, and even how to read the deductions on your paystub.  


Learn how to open a checking and savings account, deal with issues like overdraft fees, monthly banking fees, and more!

Key Features

At Just Do It Afraid, we provide many instructor-led courses that help you get the skills you need to transition into adulthood.  Here are just some of the key features of the Just Do It Afraid mentorship program:



No robots, here! Each of our course is led by a live instructor providing step by step instruction which aids in the learning experience, and helps you get your questions answered!

Saves Time

Why struggle finding information to help you with key life skills.  You can learn through learn it all through the Just Do It Afraid mentorship program as a patron.

Learn From Real Experiences

We know what we are talking about - because   we've done it all before! Our real life   experiences will help you undertand the truth about transitioning to adulthood.

Affordably Priced

 No need to break the bank to learn.  Quality   instruction is offered in young adult prices.

Interactive Q&A as a Patron 

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As a patron to the Just Do It Afraid, you can post your questions in the "patron-only posts" section, and you will get a response within 48 hours.

Convenient Online Access

 24/7, 365 days - whenever you want to learn,   our mentorship courses are accessible to you as a patron!

Head over to our Just Do It Afraid mentorship site by clicking the Become a Patreon button below to see how easy and affordable it is to gain the life skills you need to start adult life right.

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What Others Have Said...

College Student

One of the things I like about Life Skills courses here is that you can pick the exact lessons you want to learn instead of the whole course.  And each of the lessons are pretty cheap...that's pretty cool for my budget.

First Time Renter

​This is the first time I saw a course on how to rent an apartment...I watched 2 lessons, the one on qualifying for apartment and the other one talking about the tenant lease agreement, I have to say I learned some good info.

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