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Launching of Life Skills Instructor

Life Skills Instructor Helps Young Adults Spread Their Wings in the Real World

Educational site launches life skills lessons including how to create a budget, pay for college & rent an apartment for young adults to transition to adulthood.

May 26, 2017: Life Skills Instructor is a new instructional website, focused on providing critical financial, college and lifestyle courses for a young adult audience. Founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the new site serves a predominantly North American audience, offering comprehensive information and training for life and financial skills that will help young adults meet the challenges of becoming independent in all of life’s important areas.

The need for such a site was evident to Dr. Linda Barthelus, a passionate educator who founded Life Skills Instructor. Developing the site from the ground up, Linda utilizes a video based educational method that allows young adults to develop the skills that are needed to deal with common problems like eating well, paying for a college education, and managing finances and debt.

Speaking about the concept of Life Skills Instructor, Linda shared that “Life does not stop when young adults are unprepared for adult life, but instead pushes them into unknown paths, creating fear and confusion at every step, with potential for negative consequences.” Linda intends to help young people overcome this significant challenge, and stated that “With clear & practical life skills, young adults can spread their wings into the real world with confidence.”

Why Life Skills Courses?

The site serves a unique niche, and it’s one that is expected to resonate with young audiences. Research shows that money challenges and the complexities of the financial and educational systems, can combine to create uncertainty about the future of young adults. Without the proper life skills to deal with the challenges of adulthood, there is a risk of young people underachieving when it comes to their full potential, reducing the ability for them to meet their goals and dreams.

Life Skills Instructor addresses the issue by providing paid online courses in a number of key areas, broken up into easily digestible lessons. Some of the first lessons introduced by the online resource include reading and budgeting a paycheck, and covers individual areas such as interpreting a pay stub, and learning about W-4 and W-2 forms. Courses progress into calculating pay, and managing a monthly or bi-weekly budget.

Life Skills 4 Young Adults Courses

Life skills courses are made up of five to ten individual lessons that cover popular topics including college preparation, learning what is offered in college, understanding and preparing for college expenses, and understanding the system of federal student aid and student loans. Courses also cover repaying loans and avoiding default, or taking action when defaults occur.

Because Life Skills Instructor targets an audience made up of 18 to 25 year olds, lessons also progress into areas beyond college, such as calculating affordability on a rental apartment, how to find the right apartment, understanding costs that are associated with renting, and later courses explain tenant lease agreements, and how to manage roommates, landlords, and neighbors.

The average household debt for credit cards in the United States is over $15,000. Many young adults will apply for credit cards in their formative years, between 18 and 20 years of age. Life Skills Instructor provides individual lessons helping young adults to understand credit card debt, applying for a credit card, and interpreting credit card transactions and forms. The site provides essential lessons that will help young adults to make better decisions when applying for credit.

Life Skills Instructor is a resource that is intended to continually grow, with content being regularly developed and updated by Dr. Linda Barthelus and her team. Although the service is targeted at young adults; parents, foster care providers, and public service workers will find the site to be a valuable resource that can be used with young people in their care.

Life Skills Instructor launches immediately, with more than 30 high quality video lessons already available for purchase.

About Life Skills Instructor

Life Skills Instructor is an educational website offering practical life skills courses for young adults to confidently meet the challenges of becoming independent in all of life’s important areas. Founded by Dr. Linda Barthelus and managed with her two sisters, Drs. Bloodine Barthelus and Thamara Barthelus, bringing over 30 years of combined experience in management, counseling and education, in addition to mentoring, training, and development.