"Repay Student Loans & Avoid Default? But How Can I When I Don't Have a Job or Make Enough to Live ?"  

               Learn how with this simple eBook...


        Student Loans           Don't Have to Bite* 

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ebook on repay student loans to avoid default
Repay Student Loans & Avoid Default ...But You Can't!
Tough economic times calls for wise decisions.  You may have a lot of bills to juggle - rent, car note and insurance, groceries and worst of all...you have to repay your student loans but you do not have enough money to cover everything - but you want to avoid default. 

Don't risk defaulting on your student loans and messing up your credit just because you cannot repay them. You probably had a student loan lender like Mr. Sharkey on the right who didn't take time to explain your rights to you.  If you are having difficulty repaying your student loans, you have options.  Get the facts with the Student Loans Don't Have to Bite eBook.

student loan lender who did not take time to explain loan terms
How to Repay Student Loans & Avoid Default?  Get the "Student Loans Don't Have to Bite". Why?
  • This easy-to-read eBook was written by a former college financial aid advisor
  • Simple to understand with lots of examples for clarification
  • Federal student aid terms are defined and explained
  • Clear explanation of different repayment plans and options to defer payment 
  • Written for the average young adult, no jargon
  • Everything you need to manage and avoid defaulting on your student loans is in one place
  • If you are in default, you will learn how to successfully get out of default to restore your credit

Repay Student Loans With Confidence & Avoid Default

The student loans you borrowed for school are now due.  You have entered repayment.  Are you ready?

Can you repay those student loans? Gain the confidence to learn how. 

What Young Adults Are Saying

Keisha, Bronx, NY
This little book kept me from defaulting on my loans ...I did not know anything about consolidation but my monthly payments got smaller after signing up for it.  
Craig, Colorado
I should have found this book a long time ago when i was signing up for loans in college,  would have borrowed less.  It's well worth the small fee, recommended it to a few of my friends

In this eBook, You Will Learn How To :

  • Pay less each month on your student loans & keep more money in your pocket
  • Postpone your student loan payments so you can pay more pressing bills like rent & utilities
  • Get your employer to pay part or all of your student loans
  • Prioritize your private/alternative  and federal student loans
  • Get your student loans forgiven, cancelled or discharged
  • Avoid default and if needed- get your student loans out of default and improve your credit
  • Get free help with disputes about your student loans
  • Consolidate your student loans with Direct Loans to take advantage of their programs
  • Receive additional forbearance for your federal student loans

ebook on repay federal student loans to avoid default


Educate yourself on how to borrow and repay student loans to avoid default with this easy-to-read eBook. 

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