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What Did We Learn Last Month? – June 2018

Our 6th Month With Just Do It Afraid

We are going strong in our 6th month since launching Just Do It Afraid. In June, we welcomed our 9th patron, welcome again Dillon! Take advantage of your patronage. Don’t hesitate to ask questions you may have day to day.

Patrons share this valuable resource with your family and friends…many of them need mentorship!

What Did We Learn?

1. Two Video Lessons:  We started our new life skills series, Reading & Budgeting Your Paycheck, in June with two video lessons. In one video, we discussed the purpose of three common forms you are exposed to as an employee when working for an organization. The other video focused on how to endorse your paycheck, sign up for direct deposit and dealing with check cashing stores. Key point to remember is that you need to understand all aspect of your paycheck to be able to effectively manage your money.

2. Blog Discussions: Our four blog articles this month focused on what you are doing with your money. One topic of great importance stressed the need for setting up an emergency fund to protect you against any financial setbacks. The key message is that you can experience financial insecurity at any time however if you prepare for them, it will be easier to respond and go through them effectively.

Key Question from a Patron: Barbara, one of our patrons, wanted to know if it’s better to save or payoff debt? It was recommended that she create an emergency fund of 3 to 6 months first, then aggressively focus on paying off debts.

Quote to ponder- june 2018

Key Comment from Patron:  Tina shared that she experienced paralyzing fear and asked how to deal with it. She was advised to counteract this fear with action. Taking continuous action, even if they are small ones, will help you tackle the issue causing the fear in a manageable way.

That sums it up for last month’s lessons.  If you need to revisit the video tutorials or our articles, they are available.

Note: I kept our monthly summary to one page. It was a bit challenging but believe it is more effective to be concise.

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